Eid Al-Fitr moon on today, Saudi Arabia calls for sighting Shawwal

The Supreme Court has called on all Muslims throughout to sight the crescent of the month of Shawwal on Monday evening, 29, 1440H, corresponding to June 3, 2019. So, Tomorrow is the Eid Ul Fitr in .

This will signal the end of the holy fasting Ramadan Month and the start of Shawwal (Eid Al-Fitr). It is also known as the Festival of Breaking the Fast.

The Eid ul Fitr 2019 will celebrate tomorrow on Saudi Arabia. The people of this country can now wish each other with the Eid Mubarak SMS, Greetings, Quotes, Status, and any other methods.

There is two eid for the Muslims and that’s are Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha. The Eid Ul Fitr is also known as Ramadan Eid. Ramadan Eid is the largest Eid for the Muslim. After a Whole Month of Fast, Muslims will break the fast after sighting Shawwal. Check out more Eid collection 2019 from the below.


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