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Top High Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience



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Top High Paying Jobs Without A Degree or Experience | We’ve researched the top 10 highest paying jobs that don’t require a lengthy university degree. Discover highly-skilled roles with no experience needed.

We have received numerous questions regarding this post, some of the questions are:

What is the highest paying job without a degree?
What job makes the most money with the least education?
What are the highest paying jobs without a college degree?
What jobs can you do without a degree?

You personally might not consider attending a university for reason of your own. If that is the case, this article is written specially for you to steer you towards taking up a career path even without a degree.

There are still many jobs within the job market that that you can take up which would guarantee you have a life which is rewarding career-wise, money-wise and which would bring personal fulfillment.

While you are considering this, you should note that you may need to register and acquire certifications from skill acquirements firms to better empower you with the right skills to be on your way to having a successful career.

It is also important to accept reality that some of the best paid jobs in Nigeria require a degree but there are still many well-paying jobs which do not require you to have a university degree.

In this article, we would be listing some of the best paid job in Nigeria you don’t need a degree for.

Top High Paying Jobs Without A Degree or Experience.

♦ Freelance Writer/ Creative Writer

One of the most increasingly popular jobs in Nigeria is freelance writing. Basically you need to have a good command of the English Language, varied interest and understanding of several issues and the ability to pass across your opinions or writings in a way that’s understandable and can hold interesting.

The awesome thing about freelance writer is they can work from the comfort of anywhere. However, they sometimes really have to be business-minded, driven and competitive to achieve the set goals and deadlines.

There are so many opportunities for freelance writers/ creative writers. Journals, online newspapers, blogs and so many others need the services of freelance writers/ creative writer to write creatively for them.

Website Designer/ Website Developer

Website designers/website developers basically create websites in ways that are serve the purposes they are required for and in ways that are attractive.

The website designer has to ensure he or she incorporates all the features the clients require. With the ever increasing use of the internet in Nigeria and with more than 60 million Nigerians having access to the internet, companies, organizations, groups and individuals increasingly need to have a visible internet presence.

There are thousands of websites being launched on the internet daily hence the opportunities are endless. You could, in addition to being a website designer, be employed to test and manage these websites. See? The opportunities of this job are endless!

If you are a good writer too, you can be contracted to also write and upload contents as stated by your clients after designing the websites and also maintaining them too.

If you already do not have the website designing or development skills, a lot of computer institutes offer training programs and in between 3 and 6 months of learning, you can become a certified website designer and start a rewarding career in Nigeria even without a degree.

Network Systems Manager

Just like the job skill stated above, you need to have good knowledge of computer network system by being trained and certified in network systems management.

Everyday networking systems are being increasing complex and firms are increasingly concerned about the security of their security systems especially from malware and hackers.

Banks, government agencies and private firms contract out this job to Network systems managers and the pay is high.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives additionally referred to as a sales person helps customers choose that product to shop for and encourage them to form purchases.

Their responsibilities embrace interacting with customers, making ready sales contracts and maintaining sales records.

Social Media Analyst or Publicist

As a social media analyst, you are tasked with the responsibility of making and maintaining a company’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst others. You have to create engaging content in attractive ways .


A translator writes or reads from original articles and passes the same message but in other languages.

Some of the additional in style languages are; Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Portuguese.

Photographer/Photo Editor

A polished portfolio which includes getting trained in photography and photo editing is important.

In some cases, photographers that concentrate on portrait and freelance photography get better equipped with the needed skills when they go for training.

Digital Marketers/ Internet Marketers

Understanding search engine optimization ( SEO), the use of important words ( keywords) to drive the message you want home and create engaging content to promote the products or services of your clients is very important as a digital marketer.

Most digital marketers who have become established today learnt via trial and error but to hasten your learning process, it is important that you attend seminars or training programmes to boost your digital marketing skills.

The beautiful thing about working as a digital marketer is, most times all you need are a phone, laptop, good internet connection and a few graphic designs and you are good to go. You could work from the comfort of your home too! Imagine making money right from your living room or bedroom. Awesome, right?

Graphic Designer

They say a picture says a thousand words. And a graphic work? It says everything! The need for graphic designers has always been high but with the digital age it has increased even more.

You would have to get trained but in 3 or 4 months, you would acquire the skills you need.

In conclusion, not having a degree isnt the end of your career dream as long as you are willing to learn the right skills. Now that you have read these, go learn these skills then begin a fulfilling career!

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